artistic vices (artistic_vices) wrote in oblique_view,
artistic vices

Your pics!

Hello people that sent me their pictures of THE SKY!

I might have immortalised your images, so go and LOOK!:

****Oooh! Preeddy!****

**and here**

Thank you everyone!

nickymogwai, hope you didn't mind the thieving!

Pics are a constant need and I think lots of you are fab snappers, so if anyone wants to keep helping out and get their stuff on the site, then maybe I could do a little e-mailing list for you all and let you know from time to time. Bizarre images are most in demand.

Tell me in a comment if you fancy it!

Alternatively you can just send pix from your mobile to:

07734 999009 (which is the special website phone number)
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